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Systematic name:  Benzaldehyde, 2-(1-heptenyl)-3,6-dihydroxy-5-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)-, (E)-
Molecular formulae:  C19H26O3
Molecular weight:  302
Tetrahydroauroglaucin apparent the accomplished peroxynitrite scavenging action of the abandoned compounds, and showed suppressive furnishings on the announcement of claret adherence molecules, intercellular adherence molecule-1 (ICAM-1) and vascular adherence molecule-1 (VCAM-1), in animal umbilical attitude endothelial beef (HUVECs) afterwards consecration with bump afterlife agency (TNF-α).
1,8-Dihydroxy-6-methoxy-3-methyl-9,10-anthracenedione (physcion), 3,4-dihydro-3,6,9-trihydroxy-8-methoxy-3-methyl-1(2H)-anthraceneone (asperflavin), and 2,5-dihydroxy-3-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)-6-[(1E)-1-heptenyl]-benzaldehyde (tetrahydroauroglaucin) were apparent to be the capital pigments of the abyssal abstract of the bane Eurotium repens. In accession to the pigments, the fungal metabolites included the diketopiperazine alkaloid echinulin. The structures of the compounds were articular application NMR spectroscopy and accumulation spectrometry. The cytotoxic action of 1–3 against sex beef of the sea brat Strongylocentrotus intermedius was determined.
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Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic