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Response: not usually hydride reductant LiH, in addition to the specific type of metal hydride and said. For example, silane can be made of lithium hydride and silicon tetrachloride reaction generated through Sundermeyer process:

4 LiH + SiCl4 → 4 LiCl + SiH4

LiH(Lithium hydride  hydrogen content is 3 times of NaH, is the highest hydride in the hydrogen content. LiH occasionally as a hydrogen storage, but its good stability hindered the development of the application. Synthetic reactions require under much higher than the high temperature of 700 ° C to, H2 is produced. LiH as a model rocket fuel components to test.

LiH wide range of USES, can be used as a desiccant, in the nuclear reactor coolant and the protective material, and producing lithium aluminium hydride, manufacturing hydrogen generator and production of ceramic materials. Mass ratio of hydrogen in the lithium hydride is three times of sodium hydride, is the highest of all kinds of salt hydride, lithium hydride is therefore a good raw material for hydrogen generator. Lithium deuteride accordingly (LiD, non-radioactive) is the fuel in the nuclear fusion.

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