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High density tungsten alloy material standard according to China Airlines and U.S. Airways material standards of production , has been producing high- density tungsten alloy fishing sinkers ( including water drop , bullet type , cylindrical , cylindrical perforated type , tube type , tower type , type of fish , head type , blind hole , etc. ) , high- density tungsten alloy ball , high density tungsten alloy rod , high- density tungsten alloy block , heavy alloy precision molded parts , high- density tungsten alloy golf head, high density tungsten alloy eccentric vibrator high density tungsten alloy filter plates , medical mask with a high density tungsten alloy ( including : tungsten alloy grating blade ; tungsten alloy protective canister - for medical radiological shielding wall ; shielded needle - used for medical radioactive liquid shield ; tungsten alloy memory - used to store radioactive material cans, boxes and other containers. tungsten alloy collimator - for medical linear accelerators and nuclear technology applications, tungsten alloy series , the detection system tungsten alloy container collimator ; Co60 other tungsten alloy radiation shielding ; heavy alloy electrical contacts , heavy alloy air circuit breaker contacts ) , high- density tungsten alloy oilfield heavier rods, tungsten alloy penetrator bomb core , tungsten alloy shrapnel , tungsten alloy gyro rotor aircraft , and other aviation, aerospace , medical equipment and shielding materials in the field , as well as military , oil exploration and other areas of high density tungsten alloy shaped pieces . Its production capacity of 200T or more, is one of the few Chinese professional manufacturer of high specific gravity alloy one .
Tungsten alloy rod with many special properties , for example: small size but the high density ( typically 16.5 g / cm 3 to 18.75 g / cm 3 ) , melting point, hardness , excellent wear resistance, high ultimate tensile strength , good ductility , low vapor pressure , high temperature, good thermal stability, easy processing , corrosion resistance, good shock resistance , high radiation absorption capacity , excellent impact resistance and crack resistance , and non-toxic environmental protection, and international environmental standards are the same.
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Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic