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As is known to all, there are two kinds of carbon allotropes - diamond, graphite. In 1970, the Japanese scientists ozawa prophecy, carbon element in the nature there should be a third allotrope exist. Through the untiring efforts of the countries in the world scientists for 15 years and hard exploration in 1985 by the United States finally Kroto, Rice university, who first discovered in the experiment of laser vaporization of graphite atomic clusters containing 60 carbon atoms named C60 and contains 70 carbon atom clusters named C70, C60 and C70 have cage structure, on the physical and chemical properties can be seen as three-dimensional aromatic compounds, molecular three-dimensional object belongs to the D5h point group symmetry. C60 20 and 12 positive hexagon in the pentagon constitute structure and spherical shape, with a total of 60 vertices, possessed by 60 carbon atoms respectively, confirmed they belong to a third of carbon allotropes, named fullerenes (Fullerene) have been found after C44, C50, C76, C80, C84, C90, C94, C120, C180, C540. Of pure carbon molecules, such as they are all belong to the family of fullerenes, including degrees of C60 feng is about 50%, due to the special structure and properties of C60 in superconducting material, magnetic, optical, catalytic, and biological aspects show the excellent performance, widely used. Especially Kratschmer since 1990 and Huffman prepared grams of C60, make C60 researches are more comprehensive and active. 
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Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic