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Product name : bobo croker

Place of origion: south west , cameroon

Environment: Demersal; brackish; marine; depth range 0 - 100 m (Ref. 3593), usually 50 - 100 m (Ref. 26999)  

Climate/Range: Tropical; 17°N- 6°S, 17°W - 14°E (Ref. 54743)
Distribution: Eastern Atlantic: Senegal to southern Angola.

it originates from limbe, south west province, cameroon---which is widely called as the home of bobo croaker fish.

Size: 100/200g, 200/300g, 300/400g,up

Bobo croaker contains rich protein, trace element and vitamin, to the human body has a very good tonic effect, to physical weakness and the elderly speaking, edible yellow croaker will receive very good food therapy effect. Bobo croaker is rich in the trace element selenium, can keep clear of human body metabolism produce free radicals, to slow the aging, and to all sorts of cancer prevention and control effect. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, yellow croaker have rise the spleen stomach, sedative check flow field, the effect of yiqi fill in essence, anemia, insomnia, dizziness, loss of appetite and women postpartum body virtual have good curative effect.

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Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic