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Scandium(III) oxide, Sc2O3, or scandia, is a top melting white solid acclimated in high-temperature systems (for its attrition to calefaction and thermal shock), cyberbanking ceramics, and bottle agreement (as a abettor material).
Scandium(III) oxide has the C-M2O3 anatomy like the α-Mn2O3 which contains 6- alike metal centers. Scandium(III) oxide can be able by igniting the metal.
Scandium(III) oxide is amphoteric, abandoning in acids and alkalis.
It is adapted into scandium(III) chloride by acknowledgment with balance aqueous HCl or aqueous HCl/NH4Cl mixtures.
With alkalis it forms scandate salts, clashing its college homologues yttrium oxide and lanthanum oxide, for archetype basic K3Sc(OH)6 with KOH. In this, scandium shows added affinity with aluminium oxide.
It is adapted into the Lewis acerbic scandium(III) triflate by acknowledgment with triflic acid.
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In chemistry, a mixed oxide is a somewhat breezy name for an oxide that contains added than one actinic aspect in its cation, or of a individual aspect cation that has atoms in several states of oxidation.
The appellation is usually activated to solid ionic compounds that accommodate the oxide anion O2? and two or added aspect cations. A archetypal archetype is the mineral ilmenite (FeTiO3), a alloyed oxide of adamant (Fe2+) and titanium (Ti4+) cations. The cations may be the aforementioned aspect in altered ionization states: a notable archetype is magnetite Fe3O4, which contains the cations Fe2+ ("ferrous" iron) and Fe3+ ("ferric" iron) in 1:1 ratio. Added notable examples cover the ferrites, strontium titanate SrTiO3 (which, admitting its name, contains Ti4+ cations and not the TiO32- anion), yttrium aluminum bittersweet Y3Al5O12, and abounding more.
Mixed oxides are average amid a metal oxide and a metal salt. Sometimes alloyed oxides are the salts of anemic brownish acids. Most added times they are just two altered oxides that band calm strongly.
However, the appellation is sometimes aswell activated to compounds of oxygen and two or added added elements, area some or all of the oxygen atoms are covalently apprenticed into oxoanions. or to accomplished mixtures of two or added oxides. An archetype would be the zincates. Zinc hydroxide can acknowledge with concentrated sodium hydroxide to become sodium zincate. This contains zincate ions.
Mixed oxide minerals are abounding in nature. Synthetic alloyed oxides are apparatus of abounding ceramics with arresting backdrop and important avant-garde abstruse applications, such as able magnets, accomplished optics, lasers, semiconductors, piezoelectrics, superconductors, catalysts, refractories, gas mantles, nuclear fuels, and more. Piezoelectric alloyed oxides, in particular, are abundantly acclimated in burden and ache gauges, microphones, ultrasound transducers, micromanipulators, adjournment lines, etc..
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