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Tin dioxide is a kind of excellent transparent conductive material. It was the first commercially available transparent conductive material, in order to improve the conductivity and stability, and often mixed use, such as SnO ₂ : Sb, SnO ₂ : F, etc. SnO2 and its doping have tetragonal structure of rutile (tetragonal rutile), as shown. A red O, Sn in black, SnO2 by two Sn and four O atoms, lattice constant is a = b = 0.4737 nm, c = 0.3186 nm, c/a = 0.637. O ^ 2 = 0.140 nm, Sn ^ 4 + = 0.071 nm. SnO2 is n wide bandgap semiconductor, forbidden band width is 3.5 to 4.0 eV, infrared and visible light transmission rate was 80%, the plasma edge is located at 3.2 microns, refractive index > 2, extinction coefficient tends to 0. SnO2 adhesion is strong, and the adhesion strength of the glass and ceramics of 20 mpa, mohs hardness of 7-8, good chemical stability, can withstand chemical etching. SnO2 as conductive film, the main carrier from crystal defect, namely O space and provide electronic doped with impurities. 
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zinc sulfate heptahydrate is a kind of chemicals, and it's commonly known as zinc vitriol, zinc vitriol, English name is any zinc vitriol, molecular formula is ZnSO4 · 7 h2o molecular weight of 287.56. USES: it is made of lithopone and zinc salts of the main raw material, also can be used as a dye mordant, the preservation of the wood and leather agent, medical emetic. Can also be used to prevent the diseases of fruit tree nursery and manufacture of the cables. It is also an important auxiliary production of viscose fiber and vinylon fiber raw materials. In addition, there are also in the electroplating and electrolytic industry application. 

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Silver is a actinic aspect with the actinic attribute Ag (Greek: άργυρος árguros, Latin: argentum, both from the Indo-European basis *arg- for "grey" or "shining") and diminutive amount 47. A soft, white, bright alteration metal, it possesses the accomplished electrical application of any aspect and the accomplished thermal application of any metal. The metal occurs by itself in its pure, chargeless anatomy (native silver), as an admixture with gold and added metals, and in minerals such as argentite and chlorargyrite. Most argent is produced as a byproduct of copper, gold, lead, and zinc refining.

Silver has continued been admired as a adored metal, acclimated in bill coins, to accomplish ornaments, jewelry, high-value ceramics and accoutrement (hence the appellation silverware) and as an investment in the forms of bill and bullion. Argent metal is acclimated industrially in electrical contacts and conductors, in mirrors and in catalysis of actinic reactions. Its compounds are acclimated in accurate blur and adulterate argent nitrate solutions and added argent compounds are acclimated as disinfectants and microbiocides (oligodynamic effect). While abounding medical antimicrobial uses of argent accept been supplanted by antibiotics, added analysis into analytic abeyant continues.

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High density tungsten alloy material standard according to China Airlines and U.S. Airways material standards of production , has been producing high- density tungsten alloy fishing sinkers ( including water drop , bullet type , cylindrical , cylindrical perforated type , tube type , tower type , type of fish , head type , blind hole , etc. ) , high- density tungsten alloy ball , high density tungsten alloy rod , high- density tungsten alloy block , heavy alloy precision molded parts , high- density tungsten alloy golf head, high density tungsten alloy eccentric vibrator high density tungsten alloy filter plates , medical mask with a high density tungsten alloy ( including : tungsten alloy grating blade ; tungsten alloy protective canister - for medical radiological shielding wall ; shielded needle - used for medical radioactive liquid shield ; tungsten alloy memory - used to store radioactive material cans, boxes and other containers. tungsten alloy collimator - for medical linear accelerators and nuclear technology applications, tungsten alloy series , the detection system tungsten alloy container collimator ; Co60 other tungsten alloy radiation shielding ; heavy alloy electrical contacts , heavy alloy air circuit breaker contacts ) , high- density tungsten alloy oilfield heavier rods, tungsten alloy penetrator bomb core , tungsten alloy shrapnel , tungsten alloy gyro rotor aircraft , and other aviation, aerospace , medical equipment and shielding materials in the field , as well as military , oil exploration and other areas of high density tungsten alloy shaped pieces . Its production capacity of 200T or more, is one of the few Chinese professional manufacturer of high specific gravity alloy one .
Tungsten alloy rod with many special properties , for example: small size but the high density ( typically 16.5 g / cm 3 to 18.75 g / cm 3 ) , melting point, hardness , excellent wear resistance, high ultimate tensile strength , good ductility , low vapor pressure , high temperature, good thermal stability, easy processing , corrosion resistance, good shock resistance , high radiation absorption capacity , excellent impact resistance and crack resistance , and non-toxic environmental protection, and international environmental standards are the same.
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