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Solid potassium tertbutoxide is white or kind of white Solid powder. Density 0.929, melting point 256-258 ℃, boiling point 275 ℃, reaction with water. Tertiary butyl alcohol potassium alkaline strong and nucleophilicity relatively weak, soluble in THF, often used for halogenated hydrocarbon dehydrohalogenation reaction. This product is organic alkaline corrosion products, strong absorption of moisture, should be sealed preservation, good shipping in the note fire, sunscreen and should be stored in a cool dry place ventilation. Can squeeze dry.
Solid potassium tertbutoxide easily absorb moisture. Soluble in tertiary butyl alcohol, often used for halogenated hydrocarbon dehydrohalogenation reaction, and its solution is stable. Exposure to the air decomposition. In water is decomposed into potassium hydroxide and tertiary butyl alcohol. By tertiary butyl alcohol and potassium metal reaction, decompression evaporation to tertiary butyl alcohol system. Strong alkaline condensing agent, its basic a methanol sodium, sodium ethylate strong. Widely used in organic synthesis of condensation, rearrangement and ring opening reaction, general use a tertiary butyl alcohol solution.
Solid potassium tertbutoxide risk properties: 4.1 class for flammable Solid, spontaneous combustion items and meet wet flammable items.

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Solid magnesium tertbutoxide described as follows:
CAS: 109-88-6
Linear molecular formula: Mg ( OCH3 ) 2
Molecular weight: 86.37
Purity : 98%
MDL: MFCD00053671
Flash point: 7 ℃
Storage and transportation: sealing cool dry preservation
Dangerous code: F, T
Risk rating: 11-23/24/25-39/23/24/25
Security level: 16-36/37-45
UN number: UN3274

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