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Double beam bridge crane safety inspection to ensure the safe operation of bridge crane, crane operation period need to undertake some security routine examination, inspection items and main points are as follows: (1) the lifting height limit apparatus, travel limit switch and the interlocking mechanism performance normal, safe and reliable. (2) the main parts meet safety requirements: open increase is less than 15% of the original size, torsional deformation is less than 10%; Board hook liner wear less than 50% of the original size, board hook spindle wear less than 5%, no flaking, burr, tinker.
Hook hanging frame and pulley no obvious flaw. Wire rope surface wire wear, corrosion amount is less than 40% of the steel wire diameter, broken wire in a twist in the distance is less than 10% of the total number of silk, no broken, no apparent necking, no cores of emergence, dead Angle twist twist, extrusion deformation, annealing, burning phenomenon. Wire rope end connection and fixed clamp, pressure plate, cheese block connection in good condition, no looseness, clamp not less than 2, clamp quantity of not less than three. Drum no crack, links, fixed no loose; Simulated wear less than 20% of the original wall thickness, Safety roll not less than 2 laps, drum and wire diameter ratio meet the requirements. Balance wheel fixed in good condition, steel wire rope should comply with the requirements. Brake no crack, no looseness, no serious wear and brake clearance on both sides of the equal size appropriate, have enough braking force, brake band wear less than 50% of the original thickness.
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Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic