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Chinese name: trans - 2 - octene 
English name: E - 2 - Octen - 1 - al (trans - 2 - octenyl aldehyde)
Molecular formula: C8H14O
Molecular weight: 126.20
The physical and chemical properties: light yellow liquid, soluble in ethanol and most fixed oil, slightly soluble in water, boiling point 84 ℃ (2532.7 Pa), flash point 65 ℃.
Source and fashion: by hexanal and vinyl ether in BF3 under catalytic synthesis.
Toxicology basis: GRAS: FEMA 3215.
Quality requirement: quality standard (FCC, Ⅳ)
Aroma fat breath, green aroma
Color state micro yellow liquid,
Relative density 0.830 ~ 0.850
Refractive index is 1.450 ~ 1.455
Content / % was 92.0
Use and note: blending with spices. Our country "hygiene standards for use of food additives" (GB2760-1996) regulation: according to production needs right amount used for dispensing various food essence. FEMA regulation: the highest amount of reference for candy, 1.0 mg/kg; Baking food, 1.0 mg/kg; Spice, 1.0 mg/kg; Meat and meat sauce, 1.0 mg/kg; Soup, 1.0 mg/kg. Suitable for preparation of vegetables, fruit essence.
Appraisal methods: aroma appraisal.

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Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic Probiotics,Best Probiotics, Probiotics Price ,Natural Probiotic