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Tin dioxide is a kind of excellent transparent conductive material. It was the first commercially available transparent conductive material, in order to improve the conductivity and stability, and often mixed use, such as SnO ₂ : Sb, SnO ₂ : F, etc. SnO2 and its doping have tetragonal structure of rutile (tetragonal rutile), as shown. A red O, Sn in black, SnO2 by two Sn and four O atoms, lattice constant is a = b = 0.4737 nm, c = 0.3186 nm, c/a = 0.637. O ^ 2 = 0.140 nm, Sn ^ 4 + = 0.071 nm. SnO2 is n wide bandgap semiconductor, forbidden band width is 3.5 to 4.0 eV, infrared and visible light transmission rate was 80%, the plasma edge is located at 3.2 microns, refractive index > 2, extinction coefficient tends to 0. SnO2 adhesion is strong, and the adhesion strength of the glass and ceramics of 20 mpa, mohs hardness of 7-8, good chemical stability, can withstand chemical etching. SnO2 as conductive film, the main carrier from crystal defect, namely O space and provide electronic doped with impurities. 
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zinc sulfate heptahydrate is a kind of chemicals, and it's commonly known as zinc vitriol, zinc vitriol, English name is any zinc vitriol, molecular formula is ZnSO4 · 7 h2o molecular weight of 287.56. USES: it is made of lithopone and zinc salts of the main raw material, also can be used as a dye mordant, the preservation of the wood and leather agent, medical emetic. Can also be used to prevent the diseases of fruit tree nursery and manufacture of the cables. It is also an important auxiliary production of viscose fiber and vinylon fiber raw materials. In addition, there are also in the electroplating and electrolytic industry application. 

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EPO is Erythropoietin (Erythropoietin) English abbreviations. Erythropoietin is in the body by the renal tubules renal cortex surrounding stroma cells and liver secretion of a hormone kind material, can promote erythropoiesis. Taking erythropoietin can make more than the expansion of blood of patients with renal anemia solubility (i.e., increase the percentage of red blood cells in the blood). Oxygen to the body, such hormones increased production, and causes the red blood cell hyperplasia. EPO doping is according to the principle of synthetic erythropoietin, it can promote the muscle oxygen generation, so that the muscles are more strong, work longer hours. 

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In making all kinds of inorganic acid equipment, tantalum instead of stainless steel are available, and dozens of times higher life expectancy than stainless steel. In addition, in the chemical industry, electronics, electrical and other industries, tantalum can replace the past need to be borne by the precious metal platinum, the cost is reduced greatly.

Used in metal alloy. Five tantalum oxide used for capacitor. Tantalum also used for cutting tools, vacuum filament, the camera lens. Tantalum formed in acidic electrolyte stability of anodic oxide film, made of tantalum electrolytic capacitor, has a large capacity, the advantages of small volume and good reliability, the system is the most important use of tantalum capacitor, the dosage of the 70 s of tantalum over two-thirds of total consumption. Tantalum is electronic tubes, high power tube parts made of materials. Made of tantalum corrosion resistant equipment can be used in the production of acid, bromine, ammonia and other chemical industry.

Metal tantalum as a radio engine combustion chamber structure material. Tungsten tantalum, tantalum, tungsten and hafnium, tantalum hafnium alloy used for the rockets, missiles and a jet engine heat resistant, high strength material and the control and adjustment of the equipment parts, etc. Tantalum easy processing and forming, as support attachments in the high temperature vacuum furnace, heat shield, heater and heat sink, etc. Tantalum for orthopedic and surgical materials. Tantalum carbide used in the manufacture of cemented carbide. Tantalum of boride, silicide, nitride and alloy used as the heat release of atomic energy industry components and liquid metal coating material. Tantalum oxide used in the manufacture of advanced optical glass and catalyst.

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