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Materials for the lead-acid battery separator mat is mainly used for storage battery diaphragm glass fiber mat/mat /. This compound battery diaphragm and S - BM series mat has a good starting performance and longer service life, has the good vibration resistance.
The compound battery separator mat can meet all Ordinary specifications stipulated in mechanical standard JB3385-91 of P.R.C. the surface with it is level and smooth, with good liquid absorption, well acid resistance that thickness and few potassium permanganate reduce etc.

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Use graphite powder molten alloy catalytic agent (Ni - Cr, Fe, Ni, Fe, Mn, Ni C0, Ni - Cr, Ni, Mn) in high temperature (13000 c), high pressure (5 billion mpa) pressure above conditions, to crystal growth of diamond says Synthetic diamond crystal cuboid.
Single crystal synthesis methods of multi-purpose static pressure catalytic method (also have shooting). High pressure is through the hydraulic press, such as the six jacking machine from mutual vertical six direction at the same time to is located at the central cube sample pressure; High temperature is ac or dc through the graphite sample heating generated.

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Glass fiber surface blanket is by Glass fiber strand short cut into of plied yarn, the paper method random uniform distribution into continuous Glass fiber paper, with emulsion adhesive and become. Its main performance, features: resistance to chemical corrosion, fire, flame retardant, waterproof, ageing resistance, weather resistance, insulation characteristics. Widely used for glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth, anti-corrosion, insulation, fire retardant, waterproof materials, epoxy compound copper plate and electric insulation products, etc.
Glass fiber surface blanket with heat resistant to the high temperature, heat preservation performance is good, the sound absorption rate, tail gas purification efficiency high, corrosion resistance, insect-resistant eat by moth, mildew prevent, suction rate is low, the vibration resistance good, flame retardant, quality characteristics of light

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Welding turbocharged wheel: material surface grinding resistance, good stable and rapid grinding and cutting speed, super wear resistance; Rapid grinding and polishing grinding; Based on the stone and concrete; Low peice and good quality diamond. Welded turbo grinding wheels applied in special grinding, the rough deburring and fluent plastic and finishing granite, marble, ceramic, concrete, fireproofplank, etc, have long service life

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Jet yarn spinning field is a new technology, with its yarn quality, process short, high yield and suitable spinning range, less labor and automation level of comprehensive technical and economic advantages has become the attention of the textile industry of new and high technology.
Jet yarn machine is the most suitable for the production of isometric fiber fibre yarn and chemical fiber and natural fibre blended yarn, especially for the production of differential fibre yarn has unique advantages, such as the production of fine denier fiber yarn, etc., but not too the adaptation production length uniformity poor natural fiber.

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Bit is used to in the entity material drilling out through hole or blind hole, and to the existing hole reaming tool. Commonly used bit are mainly twist drill, spade drill, center drill, deep hole drill and core drill. Reamer and economic drill, though not in the solid material drilling, but also used them in a bit.
Core Bit Body is mainly used to products such as steel drilling tools, hollow Bit fit special on Core drill machine, has the efficiency, low cost characteristics, Core drill Bit department using hard alloy manufacture, has three layer end tooth geometry and cutting light, steel plate Bit service life is long, double flush handle interface.

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Glass bottle is: non-toxic, tasteless, Transparent, beautiful, barrier property good, airtight, abundant raw materials generally, the price is low, and can be used many times turnover. With heat resistance, pressure resistance, the advantages of cleaning, can be high temperature sterilization, but also low temperature storage. It is because it has many advantages, and therefore become a beer, juice, wild jujube juice and many other drinks preferred packaging materials. When enterprise want to packaging have beautiful appearance, also can give a person the cold touch, glass bottle is preferred packaging. In general, glass bottle is still beer enterprise conventional packing. "For the beer packing made great contribution, most people are fond of using it.

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Magnesium has the quite strong reducibility, can with boiling water reaction release hydrogen, burns can produce a blinding white light, magnesium and fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and chromic acid don't work, also do not suffer caustic alkali erosion, but easily dissolve in organic and inorganic acid, magnesium can directly and nitrogen, sulfur and halogen and combined, including hydrocarbon, aldehydes, alcohols, phenol, amine, grease and most oil, organic chemicals and magnesium only slightly or simply won't work. But and halogenated hydrocarbon in anhydrous conditions reaction, but more violent (generation grignard reagent) magnesium can and carbon dioxide combustion takes place response, so magnesium combustion can't use co2 fire extinguisher. Magnesium it can and N2 and O2 response, so magnesium in the air combustion, severe burning bright white light, heat release, generating white solid. The changes in vinegar for quick emitted bubble and floating in vinegar liquid surface, gradually disappear. Some fireworks and flare contains magnesium powder, is to use the magnesium in the air combustion can emit dazzling white light of the nature.

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Double beam bridge crane safety inspection to ensure the safe operation of bridge crane, crane operation period need to undertake some security routine examination, inspection items and main points are as follows: (1) the lifting height limit apparatus, travel limit switch and the interlocking mechanism performance normal, safe and reliable. (2) the main parts meet safety requirements: open increase is less than 15% of the original size, torsional deformation is less than 10%; Board hook liner wear less than 50% of the original size, board hook spindle wear less than 5%, no flaking, burr, tinker.
Hook hanging frame and pulley no obvious flaw. Wire rope surface wire wear, corrosion amount is less than 40% of the steel wire diameter, broken wire in a twist in the distance is less than 10% of the total number of silk, no broken, no apparent necking, no cores of emergence, dead Angle twist twist, extrusion deformation, annealing, burning phenomenon. Wire rope end connection and fixed clamp, pressure plate, cheese block connection in good condition, no looseness, clamp not less than 2, clamp quantity of not less than three. Drum no crack, links, fixed no loose; Simulated wear less than 20% of the original wall thickness, Safety roll not less than 2 laps, drum and wire diameter ratio meet the requirements. Balance wheel fixed in good condition, steel wire rope should comply with the requirements. Brake no crack, no looseness, no serious wear and brake clearance on both sides of the equal size appropriate, have enough braking force, brake band wear less than 50% of the original thickness.
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Magnesium sulfate, or seven water magnesium sulfate, also known as sulfur bitter, bitter salt, epsomite, Epsom salt, it is a kind of magnesium compounds. Seven water magnesium sulfate in the air (dry) for easy weathering powder, heating gradually remove water of crystallization into anhydrous magnesium sulfate, molecular formula for MgSO4 (or MgSO4 · 7 h2o), magnesium sulfate is a kind of chemical raw materials. Anhydrous magnesium sulfate is a kind of commonly used chemical reagent and dry reagent. But magnesium sulfate often referred to as the seven water magnesium sulfate, because it is not easy to dissolve, than anhydrous magnesium sulfate are more likely to weigh, facilitate in the industrial of quantitative control.
Magnesium sulfate used for the leather making, the blasting explosive, papermaking, porcelain, fertilizer, and medical treatment on oral laxatives, etc. Mineral water additive. Magnesium sulfate in agriculture is used to a kind of fertilizer, because magnesium is one of the major components of chlorophyll. Usually be used to plant or lack of magnesium crops, such as tomatoes, potatoes, rose, etc. Compared to other advantages of magnesium sulfate fertilizer is higher solubility. Magnesium sulfate is also used as a bath salt.
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